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I provide legal solutions to people who may not traditionally see themselves as needing a comprehensive estate plan. For young people - who are statistically far more likely to experience a period of mental or physical disability before they die - this means giving someone you trust the legal authority to keep your financial affairs secure. For people - single or married - with minor children or a family member with special needs, I help you protect the most valuable and vulnerable people in your family. For minorities, a well crafted estate plan can translate into something minority communities often lack: generational wealth.

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When a loved one passes away or suffers a debilitating condition, you may need the probate court.

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Have your finances gotten out of hand to the point of garnishments and repossesions? I am ready to help people get a hold of their finances and a fresh start through the Chapter 7 process.

If you’re feeling that your rights have been violated or infringed upon in some way, I can help. No matter the complexity of your situation, I can empower you and get your legal issues solved. Contact me today to schedule a free consultation.

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